Hungarian In Vitro Diagnostic Association

Established in 1999 as the Hungarian member association of MedTech Europe, HIVDA aims at representing and protecting the interests of its members towards health care authorities, other similar associations and our customers. To the extent of our financial limits we support the Hungarian in vitro diagnostic profession most importantly by sponsoring congresses and seminars.

It is an important aim for our Association to successfully represent the interests of the Hungarian diagnostic industry and trade profession abroad, most preferably in the various committees of MedTech. We do our best to inform our member companies about the up-to-date regulatory issues worked out within MedTech in order to allow sufficient time for our companies to adopt to the new situation.

Our most recent aim is to increase the number of our member companies so as HIVDA could become a truly representative and influential association that can efficiently advocate the issues most important for the Hungarian diagnostic manufacture and trade.